Frequently asked questions

I am not a creative person. I still draw stick people… I’ve just always been more interested in sports. Can I still accompany my child?

Yes! As Pique-Pique is a discovery studio, there are no expectations, no judgement on what you will create with your child. Also, we are process artists, which means we are not quite interested in what is “pretty”, “completed” or “succeeded”, these words don’t mean much to us. What is really interesting is to create with, or to follow your child’s creative impulse! This might be an exercise of letting go… We are dedicated to destigmatizing art, as it is for everyone, and not for a select few of artists.

Is it true that we are asked to shut down/leave our phones at the front door before starting the workshop?

YES! You will appreciate this time of deconnexion, and connexion with your child. The atelierista will take care of taking pictures, with your approval, that you will share as you like! Technology can break the creative “flow” and can make you lazy. Also, some families prefer not to show on other peoples pictures which I will be able to manage with discretion.

I’ve looked up the address of the studio on the map and it is a residential neighborhood, in a house?

Yes, the studio is located in my home and it takes up a full level. The studio is separated from the other storeys. To enter the studio, you can pass my the open garage door and walk to the front entrance of the studio. The studio opens 15 minutes before the beginning of a workshop.

What is the parent’s role during a workshop?

The role of the parent is to accompany their child in a project. In process art, the hardest thing is to let go and to consider your child’s direction (ex: if you are used to drawing within the lines, you can try drawing outside the lines?) You will be involved in the project, and in the team that you will form with your child. The atelierista will be present to guide you throughout the workshop.

What is the atelierista’s role?

The atelierista is like a back-seat educator. She takes care of the set-up to maximise engagement during a session. The atelierista also takes care of the mess! For the 0-2 years old groups, the atelierista will also read a story, sing a short song. Parents will be free to play with their children in various little play stations that will have been set-up by the atelierista. For adult groups, the atelierista takes care of set-up and will make propositions during your project.

Is your studio accessible?

Our studio is accessible for people with limited mobility. For children/adults with particular needs/adaptations, we ask that you notify us upon registration so we can better serve you. Notre studio est accessible pour personnes à mobilité réduite. Pour les adaptations nécessaires pour des enfants/adultes avec des besoins particuliers, nous recommandons qu’on nous avise au moment de votre inscription afin qu’on puisse mieux vous accueillir.

How many people participate in a workshop at a time?

The groups are tiny in order to maximize everyone’s experience. We never accept more than 6 children/adults at a time during a workshop. As our classes can fill up quite quickly, we have an active waiting list, and possibilities to open new classes. In this case, we will be in contact with you to plan your next visit.

Do I need to accompany my child?

When the class specifies Parent-Child COMBO, yes. The benefits of the parent-child combo are immense! For child only programs, we ask parents arrive 15 minutes before the end of the class, to accompany their child in the last steps of a project and a way to show your support or try out the materials for yourself! As a parent, I find it can get rare to “stop” the evening routine, so this will be a nice time to BE together!

Will my child leave with an art project at the end of the class?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, projects need to dry, or the atelierista needs to finalise some finishing touches to solidify a creation. It will be possible to pick up your work either at the next class, or at the next OPEN STUDIO bloc. There are other moments when we will make collective pieces that will stay at the studio. Other days, we will make all kinds of small explorations in preparation of a larger project. Some other days, it will be a full on disaster, and the atelierista, like a fairy, will transform some of the disastrous elements in a new project for next week!

Will my child learn art techniques?

Yes, but not rigorously, as it is not our objective. Participants will be exposed to a large diversity of materials and will learn basic techniques to incite them to create. We are a discovery studio, so we are mostly interested in piquing curiosity, creativity, engagement through art. We are not an art school, and there are no expectations or judgement on what you will create. Participants might graduate to art schools later on if they are interested in pursuing their interest for art.

Are the workshops unilingual or bilingual?

The workshops will be bilingual if there are francophone and anglophone families that are registered in a session. If the group is entirely francophone, we will speak only in French, and the same for and English group. We want people to feel comfortable to speak and express themselves in the language of their choice, and we ask people to be open to this beautiful linguistic duality that defines our regions. Workshops for adults are offered in French only for now.

Tel: 819.598.5682