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About the porcupine...

Mis à jour : 25 sept. 2019

This summer, our new family of 5 had an epic holiday season, roadtripping through the Maritimes. We experienced PEI like never before, and found the coolest beach near Malpeque where there were natural sandbars from which we could jump off, where we could fish clams, collect shells and dig holes, compare sand color tones, collect drift wood, make sea monster sculptures with sea weed and every little natural piece we could find on the beach...

This year, as my boys are 7 years old, I’m really noticing how the summer time is key to nourishing their creative brain. I’m noticing the effects of free play + inspiring learningscapes on their creative development. My kids are happiest when they can play and create freely.

We pass the odd waterpark or play structure on the road and we stop as this is what kids do right?, to see them playing in the nearby forest, completely disinterested in the play structure. What is that? I’m on to something...

This summer has been so amazing as Guillaume and I have been putting years of ideas and brainstorming to action, with the opening of Pique-Pique. Funny enough, I’m seeing porcupines everywhere I go. Twice this summer, porcupines just walked slowly in front of me without even lifting their quills. It’s a sign. I also saw a ton of porcupine roadkill too...and I don’t know what to make of that!

All this porcupine talk is going somewhere. Pique-Pique’s logo is a cool porcupine that changes it’s glasses all the time. This animal piques people’s curiosity, with its asymetrical strut, and its long quills that have suctioning capacities, and amazing abilities to climb trees etc.

Pique-Pique’s porcupine represents our children’s natural creativity. If you mess with it, the porcupine will pull out its quills! Changing our glasses is like changing our perspective, and taking the time to look at creativity from our children’s eyes.

I believe that we need to protect our kids creativity by nourishing their natural reflexes to explore and make things. One thing is for sure: we can definitely swerve our way of doing things to prevent creative roadkill, and I choose to do it through art discovery.

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