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Creativity is messy. Let’s talk about it.

You’ve bought the cute IKEA cart to put all the nicely packaged art materials, you’ve organized all the wood pencils in mason jars, you’ve bought paint-kits and ravaged Dollorama for supplies. I think you’re an amazing parent for wanting to invest in your kids creative space. You might have never had this chance when you were a kid, as art was not really important. But now, you’re reading everywhere about how art is so good for kids, and this is exactly what you want to offer them. Setting up a place for art in your home is like having a cleaning lady/man when you have kids. The house looks amazing for 15 minutes and then it finds its true colours again.

Of all the newly sharpened pencils, the metallic gel pens, the 96 crayola wax colors, I’m guessing your kids want to paint, right? "Sweet pea, are you sure you don’t want to draw with your new wax crayons?" for your child to reply "Nah. I wanna PAINT." Deep down, I totally get it. You can mix colours, use your hands, you can smudge, create all kinds of different textures... and contemplate the mess (a.k.a the creative process) that just happened. Painting IS awesome, but maybe not on Monday night.

Some families keep painting for rainy days, or weekends but you might be one of those troopers that want to give it a try on Monday night. There's paint everywhere, dirty water on the floor, the kids need new paper asap, and you're also trying to wing dinner, so amazing. Those beautiful IKEA paintbrushes are now permanently stained.... grrrr. "Dad or Mom, can you paint a horse with me?" "No, I can't paint. I don't do art." Now THIS is a true disaster.

The paint can get cleaned-up, you can go to art therapy to calm your OCD but the idea that art is not for everyone, thats serious. As I laugh myself to sleep over my buddies failed family paint night stories, I'm reminded, and excited that we're creating with Pique-Pique a safe space where art, and creative mess, is fun and good for everyone.

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